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The regular practice of sports provides many benefits and is one of the most important building blocks in child development. Sports doesn’t only provide physical development it also enables children to learn. Over the last couple of years we have seen an ever-increasing gap between how much physical activity a child get and how much it actually needs. There are numerous reasons to why the gap is widening so fast, yet the effects on the physical and mental development of our children remain the same, are long-lasting and influence the future of each child and our society.

With the help of a specialist in pediatrics and a child psychologists we have developed three specific exercise programs for children. One programme focusses on the development and coaching of talents, the second programme aims on closing the gap in physically and/or mentally underdeveloped children by monitoring and improving behaviour, specific physical training and parental coaching, while the third programme focusses on weight loss and the treatment of child obesity.


Fit Kidz Talent program

To enter the development program we have a number of selection criteria. After the initial selection process we do an 360 degree sports specific assessment in order to detect the child’s strengths and weaknesses. The results which will be discussed with parents and trainers will serve as framework for the action plan and program development. Each child is different so each approach is individual. During the talent program your child will work one on one or with two trainers at the same time.

Fit Kidz Development program  

To enter the development program there are also some selection criteria. We will conduct an assessment  in order to detect a child’s strengths and physical or mental the weaknesses. The presence of one of the parents is obligatory during this assessment. We will present the results of the assessment in a roadmap together with our approach on how to best close the development gap. The presentation of the roadmap will only be to the parent(s). During the development program your child works on a one to one basis as well as in small groups.

Fit Kidz Weight loss program

Weight loss in children is unfortunately a big topic in personal training for children, and in 9 out of 10 cases it is not immediately the childs fault. If it wasn’t for the food industry I guess this program wouldn´t be existing. But lifestyle and habits are different than they were 20 years ago and the industrialization and commercialization of cheap carbs, food additives and empty calories make children and parents prone to choose bad food options. We reeducate parents and help them to design a healthy diet, which combined with the regular practice of sports, will help the child to get back on track. No more bullying but increased self-esteem and better performance in and outside of school.

Program outline:

Active-8 provides training for children between the ages of 4-14 years in and around Barcelona with the aim to:

  • Stimulate talents and enhance their skills
  • Stimulate physical and mental development
  • Increase self-awareness and self-esteem
  • Enhance physical and mental performance (in school, at home, on field)
  • Become more sociable and communicative
  • Make sports fun
  • Build character
  • Improve eating habits
  • Stop them from being bullied
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       ‘’Three years ago I contacted Sascha because we needed an expert’s opinion on our son’s physical development. We already knew he suffers a minor mental disorder, but we didn’t know how this was affecting his physical development. Sascha explained us the physical deficiencies and imbalances our son was suffering and provided a program that would allow him to catch up. Now our son is nine and has almost caught up completely with his peers. He is not bullied anymore and even excels in sprints. He has more self-esteem, better posture and he doesn’t have anger attacks anymore. If you have a child with development problems, I can only recommend Active-8! Both Sascha and Sergio are absolutely great with children.  Christian, Barcelona.’’  

‘’Our oldest son (age 12) started with Sergio nine months ago on a weekly basis. With 9 kilos overweight, he was diagnosed as obese. At school he got bullied more and more and as a result he wasn’t performing very well. He also started to dislike going to school. Sergio made directly clear we all needed a lifestyle change and especially our diet was very poor. After nine months our son has lost 7 kilos and his results at school have improved drastically. His concentration and mood are much better too, as are ours. Thank you Sergio for your good work and countless advice! Fam. Beerenbaum, Barcelona

“Our daughter Blanca suffered from post-natal complications which affected her motor skills and physical development. At age 9 she was not able to participate in many of the activities her peers would engage in. After one year with Sascha and Victor, she can now ride a normal bike, go on every excursion or camp. She can even come skiing with us now. It is just incredible what these two professionals are capable of. Thank you so much. You changed our lives.
Javier S., Barcelona

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