About us

Welcome to Active-8 Barcelona!

The place to be to finally achieve your personal fitness and wellness goals.

We are a small multidisciplinary team of certified and experienced personal trainers committed to make you achieve your long-desired fitness and wellness goals. Whether you want to lose weight, gain in strenght, increase energy levels or simply reduce stress, we ensure a complete transformation in the shortest possible time frame

Each training session provides a time-optimised, safe and effective workout to get you in the best shape you can possible be. Every personal trainer brings an incredible amount of energy and enthusiasm to inspire our clients to keep pushing themselves beyond their comfort zones during the training sessions.

We supervise and, above all, motivate people that want to attain a significant improvement in terms of physical condition, appearance and performance in a realistic time-frame. We offer our services on various locations i.e. in the privacy of your home, in a park, on the beach as well as in a high end sports facility in the city centre.

Our multidisciplinary team is made of various professionals licensed in sports and exercise science, and each trainer adding an array of specialities to their profile.

Our philosophy


Everything is personalised. Active-8 is about you and therefore we will completely attend to your personal and specific needs. Not one body (or mind) functions the same, progresses the same or reacts the same. Your personal fitness and wellness are at the centre of everything we do.


We take personal fitness beyond mere physical exercise, including health coaching, personalised nutrition, regular assessments as well as lifestyle psychology. We are passionate about being personal trainers and we dedicate all of our time to providing you with the newest methods and most efficient solutions. Our clients enjoy great results and a positive experience. We make results achievable for anyone.


We also understand that our clients have completely adjusted their lifestyles in order to attend and succeed in our training programmes: be it getting up at 6am to workout before the day starts, or working out after a long day of hard work.  The bottom line here is that we know how much you sacrifice, therefore each workout should be the most empowering part of your day!

Our mission

- To be leading edge
- To transform your body and mind
- To create fitness, wellbeing and health for all our customers
- To reduce chronic injuries and chronic pain by means of exercise therapy
- To make personal training an exciting, rewarding and long-lasting experience.
- To provide empowering workouts creating a healthy balanced life for all our clients.
- To make our clients obtain great results, remaining free of any exercise-related injury.

Our 8 core values

We will at all times:

1. Seek to improve your level of fitness, health and wellbeing
2. Be a continuous source of motivation and inspiration
3. Ensure the highest service levels
4. Be friendly and respectful
5. Focus on your specific needs and wishes
6. Be proactive, punctual and well organised
7. Ensure great value for money
8. Be flexible and compassionate

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