About us

We are a small team of experts in physical conditioning, strength training and biokinesiology who are committed to make you achieve your individual health, fitness or wellness goals. Whether you want to lose weight, gain strength, beat chronic back pain, increase flexibility or simply learn about exercise and exercise routines, we give you tangible results in a realistic time frame. We make results achievable for anyone.

Our team is also recognized internationally for the treatment of the biomecanical causes of chronic back pain as well as injuries to the lower extremities, especially chronic knee, hip and lower back injuries. Our “Plan Integral de Fitness y Salud” PIFS is a recognized, effective alternative to regular medical care for the treatment of chronic back pain.

“The results after 8 weeks of dedication are just incredible. I always thought it would take much more time and effort to get back in shape again. They proved me completely wrong!” Marc, Barcelona

Our philosophy

It takes 8 consecutive weeks of commitment to regular physical exercise to achieve tangible results, hence Active-8. Whatever your health or fitness goals are, Active-8 will take you there.


Every exercise, exercise routine or diet is personalised. Active-8 is about you and we will completely attend to your personal needs. Not one body functions the same, metabolizes the same, rests the same etc. Everyone is different with different needs and preferences, and taking all these differences into account is what makes a personal exercise program so effective.


We take personal fitness beyond mere physical exercise, including health coaching, personalised nutrition, in-depth physical screening and regular progress measurements. We dedicate much of our time to continuous research and investigation providing you with the safest and most effective solutions available.


We also understand that our clients have very little free time availalbe, and often make a huge effort to attend and succeed in our training programs: be it getting up at 6am to workout before the day starts, or working out after a long day of hard work.  The bottom line here is that we know how much you sacrifice, and therefore we compromise to giving you all the flexibility you need, so you can workout and achieve your goals.


You can customize your fitness program 100% to how you want it to be. Do you want to do a combination of strength training, yoga, pilates and running? With active-8 that’s all possible, as long as this is within your physical capacity and – capabilities.  Just let us know how you want your program to look like, and we will customize it for you.

Our Mission

“To create live through training and coaching”

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“I wasn’t sure where I was getting myself into in the beginning. I was very overweight and unhappy with my life, and going to the gym was not an option. After the first two weeks I already felt more energetic and started to see small results, but after eight weeks I really noticed a big difference. They are right, 8 weeks of commitment is all it takes. Let them handle the rest.” Jenny 

“I trained with several personal trainers at the gym, but I wanted better results. After a consultation with Sascha, I understood what was needed for me to achieve long-lasting results. I do the 8 week program 3 times per year and train the rest of the year in the gym. I am now fitter and stronger than I have ever been before. Thanks so much for your help Mister! David, Sant Cugat.

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