Next level personal training

We are passionate about exercise, physical activity and healthy lifestyle, and take pride in our work as personal trainers. We are a team of committed independent professionals who will always give their very best. If it doesn’t work for you, it doens’t work for us either.

Our competences:

  • Physical conditioning, strength training, weight management and exercise prescription
  • Identification of risk of injury and health risks that derive from incorrect sports or exercise practice.
  • Plan, develop, instruct and monitor exercise programs oriented to general fitness and wellness goals
  • Plan, develop, instruct and monitor exercise programs oriented to pathologies and health conditions
  • Plan, develop and control the training process at its different stages and levels.     
  • Apply physiological, biomechanical and cognitive disciplines to ensure program safety and effectiveness

Experience, reliability and level of service is what makes us stand out from other personal trainers. We provide each customer with flexibility. Working as a team means we can better adapt to your needs and prefereces.

Service Levels

We know how hard it can be, to find an excellent personal trainer in Barcelona with availability at peak times (usually 7-9am, 1-3pm or 5-9pm). More so if you want to train 2x or more per week, or if your trainer is sick, injured or on holidays. Working as a team we allow you to exercise all year round at any time.

Quality Approach

Activate Personal Training provides fully-customised personal training in Barcelona. Regardless your current fitness level, age or personal requirements, we will design solid programs and provide measurable results in a realistic time-frame. Each training program is entirely adapted to your individual needs and preferences. We makes sure it is safe, effective and fun!

Training facilities across Barcelona

With Activate Personal Training, you have access to multiple top-notch training facilities across Barcelona. No need to pay monthly membership fees or other hassle. You can now train whereever results most practical.

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Tel: +34 675 41 46 43 (Whatsapp Available)

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