Sascha Rado, the driving spirit behind Activate Personal Training

Sascha Rado is the driving spirit behind Activate Personal Training. Originally from the Netherlands, he has studied and worked in Manchester, Paris, Madrid, Düsseldorf and Barcelona. Sascha holds a Master’s degree in Sports Science with a specialisation in Health and Nutrition Sciences as well as a Bachelor’s degree in Sports Management.

“I strongly believe in helping others achieve a healthy sustainable lifestyle through means of physical training, nutrition, recovery and mindset. I want us to be top-notch personal trainers and coaches, and our achievements speak for themselves. We are fully committed to improve each of our clients’ health, fitness and overall wellbeing with our integrated, personalised and customer-oriented approach.”

Founded and created in 2007, Activate is one of the first companies fully dedicated to personal training in Barcelona.  Over all these years we have honed and toned the bodies of many hundreds of happy customers. Sascha and his team of skilled trainers and therapists work from different private owned personal training studios in Barcelona.




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