“Building strength on dysfunction will only strengthen the dysfunction” Sascha Rado

Personal Trainer and Performance Coach, Sascha Rado is the driving spirit behind Activate Personal Training. Originally from the Netherlands, he has lived in Manchester, Paris, Madrid, Düsseldorf and Barcelona.

“I give everything to make my customers achieve their goals, and motivate them to become a better, version of themselves, whether they are competing athletes or beginners in sports practice!”

At Activate we understand our customers’ needs for specific fitness and nutrition strategies better than anyone else. Whether you want to accelerate weight loss, improve body composition or performance, my  experience, expertise and dedication will provide you with tangible results in the shortest possible time frame!

I regularly provide workshops and seminars for companies. Feel free to ask me about my track record or to enquire for references or the latest methods and technology in health and fitness.

“Sascha was my personal coach in the 2015/2016 season. He is an amazing professional who helped me get great results in a short period of time. I cannot recommend enough.” Deshaun Thomas, FC Barcelona




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