If you have a specific fitness goal, then Activate Personal Training is the place to be! Our expert personal trainers provide cutting-edge fitness programs as well as customised training sessions based on your individual goals and objectives.

At Activate we:

• Design training programs unique to each customer
• Ensure constant progress and solid results
• Make sure you improve health and fitness
• Empower you to adopt a healthier lifestyle
• Monitor, record and evaluate body composition
• Provide constant support and motivation

Contact us for more information: Active-8 Personal Trainer Barcelona, English Personal Trainer

Tel: +34 675 41 46 43 (Whatsapp Available)
Email: training@active-8.es
Activate Training & Coaching Center: Av. Josep Tarradellas 101, 08029 Barcelona

“I have trained with some personal trainers before, but this team of personal trainers define Personal Training and sets them apart from the rest in Barcelona. Consistency is key and the dedication, training expertise and positive motivation factors of what I lack, they bring to me. I just need to show up.

I train about 3-4 times a week for a few months now and I am impressed with their knowledge of balancing the physical, mental and even EQ which is quite unique and rare for trainers but it is because they genuinely love what they do and want to help you.

For those potential clients who are frustrated because you travel last minute for business, or out for a couple of days during the week, or have unconventional schedules – there is hope and solutions with this team.” Ann Park, Barcelona


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