Franziska Saller – Sport/Movement Scientist (B.A.) – CPT Level 3, Martial Arts Expert.

The tiger on our team, Franziska has a long history in sports: 17 years field hockey, 6 years of Fitness Training, 4 Years of Thai Boxing, 2 Years of Swimming  and 1/2 Year of MMA (mixed martial arts). The combination of her long lasting experience in competition and sports together with her academic carreer give her a real edge when it comes to training. She specialises in Martial Arts and Self Defense for Women.

  • martial art based exercise (Boxing, Kickboxing, Muay Thai)
  • self defense for women
  • strength coach
  • preventive & rehabilitative exercise programs
  • Basic and advanced coordinative and motor skill training (endurance, strength, speed, flexibility, coordination)
  • circuit training
  • full body conditioning
  • group training and bootcamp instructor
  • fitness coaching and virtual training

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