About Personal Training

Become fit, strong and healthy!

We live to create strong, fit and healthy bodies. If you are looking for a 100% dedicated and professional personal trainer then ACTIVATE is the place to be! Start your fitness journey with us and become the lean, healthy and strong person you always wanted to be.

At Activate we:

• Help you achieve a fit, lean and strong body
• Ensure progress, proximity and professionalism
• Empower you to adopt a healthier lifestyle
• Design training programs unique to each customer
• Teach you how to exercise and plan workouts correctly

Contact us to book your first session: Active-8 Personal Trainer Barcelona, English Personal Trainer

Urquinaona Studio: +34 935 830 197
Josep Tarradellas Studio: +34 931 716 357
Whatsapp: +34 675 41 46 43
Email: training@active-8.es


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