About Personal Training

Boost Your Health and Fitness Levels!

Individuals at any level can benefit from training with us, from sedentary persons to professional athletes and everyone in-between. Here are some reasons why people choose Activate Personal Training:

• Total dedication and motivation
• Leave-no-stone-unturned approach
• We help you ignite the fire witin yourself
• Ensure progress, overcoming plateaus
• Knowledgeable guidance and expert supervision
• Tried and tested programs for health and fitness
• Teach you how to plan workouts and setup your programs

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Contact details:

Phone: +34 935 830 197
Whatsapp: +34 675 41 46 43
Email: training@active-8.es

Training & Coaching Facilities:

Av. Josep Tarradellas 101, Barcelona (near Plaza Francesc Macía)
Ronda Sant Pere 36, Barcelona (near Plaza Catalunya)
Ronda Litoral 86, Barcelona (Near Diagonal Mar)

Barcelona City Centre, Eixample, Sant Gervasi-Galvany, Tres Torres, Pedralbes, Esplugues, Sant Just, Bonanova
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